15 Ways How to Market Your Cleaning Business

Find out who you should be targeting with your cleaning company ads. Your target consumers may be locals in a given location, or they could be a certain sort of company owner. You may learn a lot about your potential customers by seeing who your competitors are talking to. Down marketing, the process of zeroing in on a certain demographic is called “target market identification.”

You may make your message more engaging and effective by considering the age, gender, and geography of your intended audience.

2. Establish Your Brand

To differentiate yourself from the competition and to increase brand recognition, create a logo and color scheme to use in all of your communications with the public and prospective customers.

Although designing a logo for your company might be a difficult task, it is essential if you want to boost brand awareness. For example, consider the fast food chains McDonald’s and Pepsi. You presumably visualize either the Pepsi globe or the McDonald’s arches. A good logo for a cleaning service would be easily identifiable and relevant to the services offered.

It’s important to have a consistent logo and color scheme throughout all of your marketing materials. Colors like orange and yellow evoke feelings of optimism and brightness, whereas white and blue are connected with cleanliness, purity, and calmness.

Create a Website with a Focus on Conversions

Supplying details about your services and how to get in touch with you is mandatory. Even so, it is crucial to get email addresses and other contact details from website visitors when launching a new cleaning firm. Signing up site visitors for a newsletter or email list might help you convert them into loyal patrons.

To maximize your return on investment (ROI), consider using one of these simple websites that provide conversion tools:

  • Wix \sSquarespace
  • WordPress.com,
  • GoDaddy.com,
  • PPC Marketing.

Put PPC ads and other digital marketing methods to use to promote your cleaning company online. If you sign up for a paid plan on a website like Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, your company’s website will be shown ahead of your competitors’ websites in search results for terms related to home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and the like.

Make use of social media.

Photo of a lady using microblogging software on her smartphone
Marketing your cleaning service effectively requires knowledge of how various social media platforms function.

Creating a Facebook profile for your company and attracting fans and followers is a breeze with the social media platform. You may advertise your store’s hours and products from your Facebook profile. Additionally, Facebook allows consumers to provide reviews, which may increase traffic to your page.
Twitter – A Twitter account may also serve as a company’s official page. With a Twitter company profile, you may expand your advertising reach and attract a larger audience.
LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals and a place where employers may advertise job opportunities without paying any fees. Additionally, it is a fantastic method of advertising your cleaning business to the public.
Instagram – In recent years, Instagram has emerged as the principal medium for social influencers, people with a significant online following who are paid to promote brands and companies. You may work with influential people to spread the word about your cleaning service.

Purchase efficient customer relationship management software.

In order to advertise your home cleaning services more successfully, you should utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software to keep track of your customers, set up appointments, and maintain contact details.

WorkWave provides software that makes it simple to keep track of customers, send out quotations and estimates, set up appointments (both one-time and recurring), and distribute work orders.

Increase the size of your email list.

The current state of email marketing may seem saturated, but there is a logic behind this. Reaching your target audience through email is a fast and cheap option. One of the greatest strategies to expand your network is to create a conversion website to gather contact details such as email addresses.

Buying email lists is a great way to reach a wider audience than just your website’s visitors. The marketing of your cleaning service may benefit from the lists you can get from companies like ZoomInfo, Exact Data, and Sleeknote, depending on the demographic information you offer.

On a white background, two businessmen shake hands and swap cards at a wooden table in this stock image from the network.
To complement an efficient web and advertising campaign, face-to-face meetings with prospective clients should be scheduled often. Getting to know potential consumers on a more personal level may increase the likelihood of them becoming paying customers and encourage them to spread the word to others.

To network with other business people in your area, join the chamber of commerce. They may either become customers or add to your network. Participating in local events is a great way to spread the word about your cleaning company and meet potential consumers.

Avoid Damaging Your Reputation

Promoting your commercial and residential cleaning services relies on your company’s established reputation. Best practices for maintaining your cleaning company’s reputation will result in more recommendations and repeat clients. Make it a point to focus on what the client is looking for and make it a priority for you and your team.

Building a loyal following and expanding your reach via satisfied customers. It’s possible to achieve this goal by being open and honest in all of your dealings with clients and staff members. Employees also serve as an ambassador for your cleaning company, since they often engage with clients.

 Don’t Limit Yourself

Although a website and a Facebook page are important first steps in promoting your cleaning service, you need also to think outside the box when it comes to finding new customers.

Create a rolling billboard with your vehicle. Branded magnets are available for your use and the use of your employees. You may reach folks who might not have heard of your cleaning company any other way with this kind of promotion.
You should buy door hangers and pamphlets to distribute around the community. Flyers for your company cannot be posted in mailboxes, but you may put them up on doors. In comparison to other forms of advertising, door hangers for your cleaning company are more likely to remain in one place.
Distribute business cards to nearby establishments. You may usually leave your business cards for free at gas stations, convenience stores, and other small businesses in your area. Make connections with local company owners and inquire about possible free advertising opportunities.
Blog! In order to add a blog to your site, you may find several blogging plugins available for free download on various websites. Boost your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and visitor numbers by publishing helpful, industry-specific blogs.
If you decide to use unorthodox methods of advertising your cleaning company, be sure to keep your brand consistent and provide contact information.

Get Your Hands on Niche-Specific Mailing Lists

Postal mailing lists are also available for targeted marketing, much as electronic email lists. Software like Service Autopilot provides collaboration with Smart Maps to assist you in better covering your mailing routes, allowing you to reach the largest possible audience. Make use of tools like setting a radius from your place of business if you run a cleaning service.

To get your newsletters and offers in the hands of your target customers, services like Direct Mail provide mailing lists you can use to get the word out. However, not all potential clients will utilize the internet to look for services like yours, so mailings are still a good method to get the word out.

Seek Feedback

Close-up of a male customer’s hand pushing his smartphone’s screen, which has five images.
Promoting and advertising your cleaning service will be more successful if you include genuine testimonials from satisfied clients in your marketing strategy. According to recent data, 84% of customers research local companies online before making a purchase.

Keeping in mind that reviews, especially bad ones, may have an impact on your cleaning company, and that satisfied customers are more likely to recommend you, is crucial. Previously, consumers were more likely to submit a review after a bad experience, but nowadays, customers are just equally likely to post a review after a good one.

If you want to rank better in Google searches, you need to have satisfied customers provide reviews for your business.
Marketing your cleaning service on Yelp is a great idea. Many modern shoppers still rely on it, since it was one of the first review sites.
As was previously said, Facebook reviews may boost your page’s exposure and help it rank higher in organic search results.

Be sure to Stress the Positives

If you’re going to advertise your cleaning company to the general public, identifying the services it offers is a simple first step. Still, people are reaching out to you because they have made up their minds to hire you to clean their carpets or windows. Emphasize why customers should work with you instead of your rivals.

Free estimates and a focus on ease of use will set you apart from the competition. Providing incentives to repeat customers is a great way to grow your business. Customer retention may be improved by offering freebies such as an additional room, cleaning supplies, and so on.

 Become Licensed

The ability to distinguish yourself apart from the competition by becoming a registered cleaning firm is not necessary to start out. Providing consumers and companies with safe and hygienic solutions is a primary focus of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), which was established to bring together cleaning enterprises and develop industry standards.

When you apply for CIMS Certification via the ISSA, you’ll need to prove that your cleaning company follows six sets of best management practices:

Provision of Services Based on High-Quality Systems

Investment in Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Management of Human Resources
Eco-Friendly Construction
Although there are costs associated with applying, being evaluated, and maintaining membership, having this certification is great for promoting your cleaning service and increasing your trust with customers.

Create a Marketing Laptop with a Playing Icon on It 15 Shoot a Promotional Video
Promoting your cleaning service might be difficult, but a simple video can help. Customers may learn about your products and services in a snap by watching a promotional video instead of reading text on your website.

Now, with only a smartphone or some inexpensive equipment, anybody can become a video creator thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. When browsing videos on YouTube, customers aren’t always seeking the best possible experience. When people have questions, they want to talk to a personable person who knows the answers.


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