How to Find The Best Cleaner for Natural Stone

cleaner for natural stone

Best Cleaner for Natural Stone

Each individual has their own taste in decorating their home. To make their home look interesting, usually the homeowner decorates based on their personality as well. Several of them like the decoration close to natural elements, such as stone, wood, and others. Commonly, it happens to individuals who have an interest in vintage decoration. One of the vintage decorations with natural elements that you can easily maintain is natural stone. Look at the best cleaner for natural stone. For sure, before the homeowner puts up the decoration, they often research the steps to maintain it. Moreover, if you put the natural stone in bathrooms, walkways, kitchen countertops, and other spaces where the stain appears easily, you need to pay extra to maintain it. Actually, there is a cleaner for natural stone that is maximally effective in removing the stain. In addition to cleaning tips, it can keep your natural stone surface clean for a long time. No need to wait long, let’s discuss it in this article!

What is The Best Cleaner for Natural Stone?

For homeowners that need a cleaner for natural stone, consider choosing ingredients that are best for the stone. Although, for sure, it is for maintenance reasons, the result must really transform or minimally keep the stone surfaces stunning, clean, and interesting. There are a lot of brands that aim to be cleaner for natural stone that you can find in the market, offline or online. When looking at it, you can look at the ingredients that contain it: – The surfactant ingredients have the purpose of helping break down and lift dirt, grime, and grease from the surface without causing damage. – Then, you need chemicals that effectively remove stains without leaving behind residue for your natural stone decoration. We called it a non-ionic detergent. – A cleaner for natural stone must have components that help maintain the stone’s appearance. Usually, pH-neutral cleaner work. – When cleaning the stone, there is an ingredient that aims to restore the natural shine and appearance of the stone. You can check if it contains a chelating agent. – This crucial element is manufacturer recommendations that are proven to avoid damaging the stone and help dissolve and remove stubborn stains. Actually, a small amount of this ingredient helps for a big effect-that is, mild solvent. However, when choosing a cleaner for natural stone, always follow manufacturer instructions, test any product that you use on a small area, and look at how your stone reacts.

Do I Make a Homemade Cleaner for Natural Stone?

Taking proper care of your natural stone is a good thing. Additionally, you make a homemade cleaner for keeping stone condition. In fact, it is helpful in removing the stain but also safe and keeps the natural stone quality. Here is a component for cleaning your natural stone: – Generally, for cleaning stone surfaces, you can mix warm water and mild dish soap. – Some types of natural stone, using these components are less effective, you can add vinegar or baking soda and alcohol, except for marble and limestone. It is susceptible to damage from both. – Then, mix all the components and fill with a bottle spray. – Pay attention before using it, consider trying it in a small area for a test. Make sure it is safe for the stone. – Take a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the surface. Doing it for the other stone. – Spraying the stone decoration with water and removing any soap residue after the cleaning process. – For maximal results after cleaning keep drying with a clean cloth to all sides.

Tips for Cleaning Stone

Cleaner for Natural Stone Cleaning natural stone surfaces requires gentle care to avoid damage or dulling of the stone. Consider whether the components of the products that you will use are the best and safest for maximal results. Of course, we do not recommend choosing a cleaner for natural stone, you can decide to DIY it. Optimaling results of cleaning tips by giving attention to each side of the stone if there are any hidden stains. When drying, also double-check that there is no more residue. For periodic deep cleaning, consider hiring a professional stone cleaner for heavily soiled or stained areas. By following it, you can effectively enjoy the beauty of natural stone decoration at your home.

Commons Questions Is rock salt scrub good for natural stone cleaning?

No, it is not a great idea to use rock salt which is be incredibly detrimental to cleaning a stone, especially for natural stone paving. It can degrade the mortar which is effective for holding slabs in place, leaving them loose and often uneven.

Is it safe to use baking soda on natural stones?

We understand that baking soda is a popular cleaning agent that is proven to clean many surfaces. However, it is not advisable to use it on natural stones.

Does toothpaste clean stone?

Absolutely, you can use it for marble stone. In addition to toothpaste, you can use all kinds of cosmetics and other products, like a cream, to clean the stone.

What are the black spots on natural stone?

In fact, on the surface of natural stone can be a living organism that inhabits what looks like a spot or smudge. We called it a lichen that basically can make black marks in various sizes. Be aware that you can influence yourself to be better. Let’s visit this website for other cleaning tips.