House Cleaning Tip: Homemade Furniture Polish

House Cleaning Tip

Whether you’re looking for a furniture polish recipe or a house cleaning hack, you’ve come to the
Cleaning your furniture with homemade “green” varnish is simple and fast.

Wood cleaning and furniture polish may be made by mixing a quarter cup of vinegar with a few drops of oil. Cleaning filth off wood is a breeze thanks to the vinegar, and keeping the furniture from drying out is made easier with only a few drops of oil.

The oils with the longest shelf lives should be used most often. Olive oil is an excellent choice because it has a long shelf life and is compatible with this sort of concoction. However, jojoba liquid wax is the finest option since it does not become rancid. Plus, it’s widely available at health food stores.

The best vinegar to use is organic apple cider vinegar. Though it’s not often advised for use as a primary cleaning method. Because it may leave unsightly marks if used on certain fabrics and upholstery. White distilled vinegar is recommended for use when cleaning potentially stained surfaces, such as furniture and fixtures. You may also use lemon juice in place of vinegar if you like a citrusy aroma.