How Do You Properly Use a Lens Cleaner Kit?

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How Do You Properly Use a Lens Cleaner Kit?

Keeping eyeglasses clean and comfortably wearing, is a must that individuals must do. Because wearing eyeglasses for daily activities often makes it dirty, so you need to have a lens cleaner kit for it. Commonly, the lens cleaner kit contains a spray bottle for the cleaning solution and a cloth for wiping the lenses. For spray bottles available in any sizes, such as a big size or travel kit that is easy to take anywhere. Important part of maintaining it is choosing and using the proper component cleaning products and methods for it. If you take in improper cleaning practices or not use a proper component cleaning, it can cause damage for its surface. Although, for cleaning the surface of a lens in no widely used way, consider being careful to reduce the damage. Also, considering components that are in your lens cleaner is also a crucial part. Clean level of your lens depending what component of your lens cleaner that you use. If you use a high quality lens cleaner it can be useful for your eyeglasses. The other hand, if you only buy without considering the component, it can’t be useful. From that, you need to take note when choosing a lens cleaner for your eyeglasses. For helping you to get more information, we will discuss it in this article. Thus, for detailing information about maintaining your eyeglasses, keep reading!

What Components are Typically Included in a Lens Cleaner Kits?

There are a wide variety of lens cleaner solution brands. They aim to cleans the lens without causing any damage and make sure the lens keeps comfort while wearing it. However, you must understand the lens cleaner components that are specifically designed to remove the dust. Actually, each brand has its formula for creating it. But, generally, the exact composition for cleaning the lens is a mixture of water, alcohol, and surfactants. Water has an important part for dissolving dirt, dust and smudges on the lens surface. Alcohol as a solution for removing oils, fingerprints and other stains. The last is surfactants, which help to remove dirt particles from the lens surface. Then the other composition, usually helps to gently remove the stains and keep the surface clean.

How to Use Lens Cleaner Spray?

It is easy to clean your lens with a lens cleaner solution. Common people start with taking off glasses and then you spray the lens that is contaminating the dirt then swipe it with cloth. However, in fact you need to take note of a few tips to save your lens.

1. When your lens contaminates the dust or anything and more cleaning is necessary, you need to take off your eyeglasses. Then, preparing for a cleaner solution, wipe and make sure your hands are clean.

2. Then, hold the lens with a wipe and drop a few lens cleaning solutions. To pull dirt off, you need to apply pressure slowly to turn the lens from center and work outward.

3. After that step and you find your lens still dirty, use a mild soap for a solution to gently wash the lens. Besides attention to steps to clean your lens, you also need to handle your lens in good condition.

Here are the tips that you must understand when handle your lens (or the other optics):

1. Did you know if our fingers have oil that can cause damage to your lens. It can make a permanent stain on your lens, if you do not remove it immediately. So, consider to make sure your hands are clean, or optional you can use gloves or cloth before directly touching the lens.

2. Never use metal tools to handle your lens. For some people when surfing the internet can find weird tips to handle your lens. Don’t get it easily. Using wooden, bamboo, or plastic tools for handling your lens are not a good choice for it. It also can be cause for damage.

3. Place your lens on a safe place, including a clean and soft surface.

4. The last that often happens. When cleaning the lens often happens people blow the lens and with a purpose the stains or dust can remove it. It is not recommended to do, because your lens will contain your saliva.

How to Make Homemade Lens Cleaner?

As you know, there are many brands that offer lens cleaner with any compositions. However, you also can make it by yourself at home. Here is the materials that you need to prepare:

1. a spray bottle for any size

2. alcohol

3. water

4. liquid dish soap

For the first, you can fill the spray bottle with alcohol and make sure it only for ¾ of the way. Then, fill with liquid dish soap. After filling the rest, you can add the water to full and shake it gently. Make sure there is no bubble when you try to spray. After it, you can use it for your lens and dry them using a cloth.

Common Questions about Lens Cleaner Can I use lens cleaner on my laptop screen?

In fact, lens cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning eyeglasses. It can have a different reaction when you use it for your laptop screen. It is recommended not to do so, and it is better to use a cleaner for laptop screens for cleaning it.

Can fungus be cleaned from a camera lens by lens cleaner?

Definitely! lens cleaner is designed to remove dirt, dust and fungus, so it can be easy to remove fungus on camera lens by lens cleaner.

Can you use lens cleaner on a TV?

It is not recommended to clean your TV with lens cleaner. There is an alcohol component that is never used for TV.

This, detailed information of lens cleaner kits that you need to know for your basic information when cleaning eyeglasses. Consider using the best component cleaner solution and follow the tips carefully when cleaning the lens. For more detailed information about cleaning, let’s visit here today!