Wush Ear Cleaner – Water Powered Ear Cleaner

Wush ear cleaner is a professional way of cleaning ear wax available for users. If used properly the outcomes can be satisfying. For those experiencing flush more than often, Wush Ear cleaner is the best tool to remove ear wax. It is a safe and effective method for those who experience trouble hearing due to the dumping of ear wax.

How does Wush Ear Cleaner Work

A portable ear cleaning tool is a water-based ear irrigator. Wush ear cleaners remove the dry wax from the ear canal by using water pressure, just as professionals do. The pressure of water is adjustable at three levels. One can adjust the level according to their ease.

You can do this in a shower or over a sink while keeping the water basin steady with the other hand to catch any spills (I went with the sink). When you click the button after inserting the tip into your ear, a stream emerges from the tip’s three holes.

Spray before adjusting the nozzle and filled the tank with warm water! Use only warm water to clean ears with this rechargeable device as room temperature and chilled water can make users uncomfortable.

While using Wush ear cleaner for the first time, the lowest, most beginner_ friendly jet pressure is what the guidelines recommended. It is advised to use warm water all the time because using cold or hot water might make you feel dizzy in addition to being uncomfortable. Also, tilt your head outward to help the flushing process.

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Feature of Wush ear Cleaner

Safe and efficient wax removal:

This water-powered rechargeable Wush ear cleaner comes with a USB charging wire, 6 tips an ear irrigator and a water container.

The power of three:

Wush ear cleaner is an effective device to remove wax from the ear. The press button produced a controlled stream of water which is helpful in removing dry wax. It consists of three pressure settings. Wush is a triple massage jet stream with three pressure levels that range from a soft clean to wax removal.


The tip of Wush ear cleaner is mainly made up of silicon which is not only easy to use but also can be used again.

Easy to use and store:

It can be folded easily thus easy to store and doesn’t take more space and also provide care against microbes by folding the nozzle inside. Wush ear cleaner is water-resistant and safe to use in the shower. Its flexible nozzles connect to a soft irrigation tip that fits comfortably in one’s ear.

Economical: Wush ear cleaner offer efficient personal care without charging extra


Wush ear cleaner has a charging plug for energy storage.

Doctor Recommendation:

Wush ear cleaner safely and effectively removes wax by rinsing it with a gentle, massaging triple-spray of water as opposed to a cotton swab, which pushes wax in and may cause it to become more compact. ENT prefers the use of wush ear cleaner.

Components of Wush Ear Cleaner:

Wush ear cleaner is a rechargeable tool which mainly contains

  • Powered ear cleaner
  • 6 Antimicrobials tips
  • 3 Water basin
  • USB-Charging cord
  • Press button

Manufactures of Wush Ear cleaner

The most reliable international manufacturer and suppliers of wush ear cleaners are:

  • Black wolf Wush pro ear cleaner
  • Allstar Innovations

Pros and Cons of using Wush Ear Cleaner


  • Using Wush ear cleaner in the shower is totally safe because it is water resistant
  • Its flexible, little nozzle attaches to a flexible irrigation tip that folds down for convenience to range and fits easily in your ear.
  • Provides professional cleaning at home, which is normally done by doctors at hospitals, unlike other traditional methods
  • The Wush ear cleaner is undoubtedly the best in its class in this regard because there are also less advanced tools and techniques that apply the same approach of flushing water into and out of the ear canal to clean it.
  • Having an at-home remedy for hearing impairment or discomfort from impacted wax may be the best option for you, depending on your budget or access to healthcare. On that said, I would think it’s worth a chance if you have tried everything else.


  • You might be better off using conventional cleaning techniques if you are sensitive to the sensation of water pressure in your ear, like micro-tears or perforations in your eardrums, and prone to infection, or have had any ear surgery like tympanoplasty or something similar. The Wush ear cleaner even advises against using it without first consulting an ENT.
  • Dahl claims that instead of “traditionally” removing wax from ears by flushing them with warm water, she now employs a “combination of micro suctioning, dissolving with hydrogen peroxide, and employing instruments suited to ears to remove wax” in her office. Everything is carried out with clear visual instructions. This is a major missing in wush ear cleaner at home.
  • One has to use ten or more containers of water Wush ear cleaner, before dislodging the impacted earwax. Now it can be used twice a week.
  • It is not recommended by doctors to use a gadget that shoots water into a person’s own ear because it may not be safe to do if the stream is too powerful. Dahl actually addresses the dangers of DIY water irrigators.
  • The Wush ear cleaner won’t work if the pressure of the water is not high.
  • Least economical as compared to the traditional method of cleaning air which involves the use of cotton buds.


WUSH is a handheld ear-cleaning gadget that employs jet water pressure to clear out wax from the ear canal. Like when you’ve ever had your ears professionally cleaned in a doctor’s office. For effective and maximum output consult your doctor before use

Frequently Asked Questions about Wush ear cleaner

Q1-Can we remove ear wax at home?

Ans: Yes, ears can be cleaned at home by means of traditional methods and for deep cleaning wush air cleaner can be used.

Q2-Is Wush ear cleaner easily available in the market?

Ans: No, Wush ear cleaner is not readily available in the market. But you can buy the Wush air cleaner from e-stores such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others.

Q3: Is it safe to use wush ear cleaner?

Ans: Yes it is totally safe to use wush ear cleaner. In case you have any allergy or sensitivity consult your ENT before using Wush ear cleaner.

Q4-What is the price range of Wush ear cleaner?

Ans:  It costs $59-$69

Q5-How long do you leave wush ear cleaner inside the ear?

Ans: It takes 5-10minutes to clean the ear

Q6-Is wush ear cleaner can be used for animals as well?

Ans: No, never use human ear cleaner for animals. Always consult a vet before using it

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